The Northern Conspiracy
Membership Information


Invited guests attend open club events for free and are encouraged to participate in all the activities of the day. If you are interested in attending a Northern Conspiracy open club event, please contact one of members listed below.


The Northern Conspiracy membership process has developed over several years and works well for us. It goes like this: After attending one or more open club events as an invited guest a new person may express an interest in joining the club. At the next semi-annual meeting, one current club member may declare himself the new persons sponsor and recommend him for membership.

The sponsor's endorsement and a short biography of the new person will be published in the next club newsletter. During the next six months all club members will attempt to play in at least one game with the new person. The new person's request for membership will be voted on at the next meeting, requiring a 2/3rds majority to pass.

This process gives a person a chance to know us and us a chance to know them before the membership decision is made. It has worked well in the past and as a result our membership rolls include only people that fit right in. The end result is that this club has great chemistry!