Northern Conspiracy Photos
Jodicon Gettysburg 2004

On September 9 through 12, 2004 several Conspirators attended the Georgetown Center for Living History’s Gettysburg weekend. It was a really big wargame. Four 20 foot tables and thousands of 25 mm American Civil War figures were needed.

Phil, Leo, Earl, Robert the Rousse, Paul McCarthy and I played the staff of Union III corps. After two days of maneuvering we found our corps on the extreme left of the Union line opposed by Longstreet’s Corps. By the end of the battle we were outnumbered easily by two to one and the troops they threw at us were without question the best the Confederates had, including the Texas Brigade. Phil, Robert and Paul repulsed Hood’s Division on the left and Leo and I repulsed McLaws Division on our right. Earl held elements of Stuart’s cavalry and Pickett’s division at bay with his brigade of cavalry. Earl was operating just beyond our left flank after screening our advance for most of the previous day.

While III Corps performed well, I Corps was soundly defeated and that was enough to ensure a decisive Confederate victory for the overall battle.

Ward’s Brigade advances up the Emmittsburg Road and exits to the west toward Pfizer’s Run. By this time Ward’s Brigade is III Corps’ lead element. The remainder of III Corps is in the background to the right. Union V Corps advances up Emmittsburg Road in the background to the left. Confederate Hood’s Division advances like lightning to oppose Union III Corps. Ward’s Brigade establishes a defensive position to cover the advance of the remainder of III Corps. Union Cavalry covers the advance of Ward’s Brigade.
Confederate Hood’s Division establishes the extreme right of the Confederate army on Seminary Ridge. Hood’s Division masses to oppose the advance of Union III Corps. Picket’s Division arrives at Seminary Ridge. The remainder of Humphrey’s Division arrive to complete the line between Ward’s Brigade and Birney’s Division, completing III Corps deployment near Pfizer’s Run. From this position we were able to repulse Longstreet’s attack.
Hood’s Division is reinforced by McLaw’s Division. VI Corps Staff III Corps Staff

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