Northern Conspiracy Game Night
March 23, 2001

I was unable to attend May game night but according to Ralph we had a light turnout. We have no photos, but hopefully we'll get some game reviews up soon. Bob Ouelette ran his Ruso-Turkish war game which I hear was excellent as his games always are. John Magnifico ran modern spearhead.

Hunting the Hunters
Hosted By: John Magnifico

This was a scenario based on a real tank battle thaat took place on October 16, 1973 Near Botzer In the Sinai desert. near the Suez Canal. The Historical back ground was this. The Israeli's had succeded in crossing the suez canal at Deversoir. A huge tank battle was taking place at a Japaneese agricultural camp (called the Chineese farm In error). Hoping that the Israeli's would be fixed on this battle the Egyptians attempted to send a force directly at the crossing. The Israeli's countered this force and the ensuing battle took place. The opponents were my self John Magnifico as the Egyptian commander and Phil Hammond ( I think) as the Israeli. The OB's were For the Egyptian player one independent Armored brigade made up of 3 battalions of T-62 tanks and a battalion of mech infantry in bmp-1's. 18 battle tanks, 4 command tanks, 6 battle bmps and 1command bmp. The Israeli's had 5 companies of M48A5 (105mm gun) tanks and 1 company of M113 tows (M150's I believe).10 battle tanks 2 command tanks and 3 m113 w tow. The Israeli strategy was to simply block the axis of attack and hope that the superior Israeli gunnery would be enough to stop the Arab thrust. The Egyptian's not being very flexible commited 1 tank and the mech infantry battalion at the far Eastern flank of the israeli position. the terrain was essentialy open dessert with the Great Bitter lake on the west side and a couple of low ridge hills running north south about 3/4ths of the way east of the lake on the battlefield. a couple of turn's into the battle contact was made. the Egyptian bmp's quickly ko'ed the M113's then koed an israeli tank platoon before being eliminated in turn by the israeli's. While this was going on the egyptian commander scoped out that the remainder the israeli force and procededed to commit his reserve 2 battalions at the israeli's. The battle then became a slugging match. with the israeli's knocking out more morre Eygptians then they lost. finally the Egyptians did manage to eliminate the eastern flank israeli force and raced to the canal with the western israeli force in pursuit. The battle ended with the Egyptians exiting the field with 4 tank platoon's and barely winning the game on points 73 to 67. I believe this was my opponents first modern spearhead game and performed quite well. he may have done a little better if he tried to flank march or not committed his reserve as early in the battle as he did. It was enjoyable and hopefully we will see more modern spearhead games at the club in the future.

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