Northern Conspiracy Game Day
April 13, 2001

April game day was attended by 18 or so members. The holliday weekend may have kept some people home but all three games had players and everyone had a good time. Bob Ouelette rolled a Good Friday roll of three sixes on three dice and Paul McCarthy got a pseudo-yahtzee of two sixes and two fives on four dice with shock troops.

There are some general pictures here on this page and many more pictures of each game on their own pages.


Guilford Courthouse
20mm V&B AWI

Hosted by: Mark Nichipor
Game Report and More Photos

Battle of Sidi Rezegh
1/285 WWII Spearhead Scenario

Hosted by: Dave Bostwick
Game Report and More Photos

Great Northern War
25mm V&B

Hosted by: Greg Symko
Game Report and More Photos

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