Northern Conspiracy Game Night
September 15, 2000

Theme for the night was America at war. The buzz throughout all of the game masters was that having a theme night was a great idea. Best not to make it a period night though, more like themes: America at war, Great Cavalry Battles, etc.

We were in the small room in the hotel, but it worked out well, the A/C worked and lighting seemed fine. Attendance seemed good, around 18-20 I'd say, I didn't count. Mark Nichipor set out a nice flea-market table of stuff he didn't want to have to move! Great deals.

September game night photos courtesy of Ralph Gero

Battle of Monmouth Courthouse
June 28, 1778
25mm American Revolution

Hosted by: Allan (A.J.) Wright

Lee's hasty attack on the Brittish rearguard ends up a mess and Washington has to bring reserves in to a full engagement to save the destruction of the advanced guard. Volley & Bayonet Rules were used.

Game Report

Battle of Sabine Crossroads
15mm American Civil War

Hosted by: Phil Hammond

Fire&Fury rules used. Game report coming.

15mm WWII
Hosted by: Mark Decoteau

Spearhead rules used. Game report coming.

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