Northern Conspiracy Photos - Historicon 2009
July 2009

Photos taken by Allan Wright

Photos taken by Byron Champlin - descriptions are his

These are photos of Ralph, George, Mike and Earl during our trip to Gettysburg, followed by photos of Mark Stevens' Italians in Abyssinia game

A couple of photos of a Command Decision game that was, I think, the German assault on Malarme airfield during the invasion of Crete, plus a few photos of the other big Bunker Hill game, the 25th Anniversary cake, and a few shots of a SYW game.

Shots of a Renaissance Russia game, a "Sharpe Practice" Napoleonic skirmish game, and what I think was a Test of Battle game modled on the Japanese invasion of Singapore (or something....).

Photos of a War of the Spanish Succession game using a Fire & Fury variant, a photo of the "Dread Pirate Roberts" Mulligan and Mike Keenand playing a Renaissance game, and shots of a 25mm Burside's Bridge game.

Photos of the Mark Stevens' Carlist War (The First Spanish Civil War) game I played in.

Photos of the Bunker Hill game A.J. played in, some 95th Rifles reenactors, an AWI Guilford Courthouse game tucked away in the Host B Room, and a shot of Frankie Bag-o-Donuts, Speedo, and the Pearl at Frank's Day of Battle game.

Photos taken by Earl Richards

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