The Northern Conspiracy
At the Carnage Convention 2009

Byron Champlin's photos:

This batch is all from my game, which I'm going to call "The Commissar Vanishes." The Whites were trying to capture the Red commissar holed up in a liberated "dacha" before reinforcements could arrive. In the last photo, he has leaped over the back wall of the dacha and is hobbling to safety with a sprained ankle and a squad of the Markovs hot on his heels!

Here are photos from the two award-winning games. The Pour le Merite went to Tom Ballou's "Hunting the Beast" about a planned but never executed skip-bomb attack on the Tirpitz by Mosquitos of 618 Squadron. The other award went to Jim Dirmaier's "Public Enemy," which was an attempt by G-men and Chicago's finest to corner John Dillinger and his game at a Chi-town hotel.

Random photos, from the con, including games run by Conspirators.

Phil Hammond's Photos: