Northern Conspiracy Game Night
January 12, 2001

There was a healthy turn out for January game night. Many late comers were surprised that their game of choice was filled by the time they arrived. All games ended up full, but nobody got turned away so I guess we had it just right.

Randy was crowned King of Numidia, the Polish armored force beat up on the Nazis and the Brittish gave the American rebels a whopping they'll not soon forget at Monmouth. I will be adding photos and game reports soon.

Greg Symko brought a table of freebies/flea market stuff which got scooped up quite rapidly.

King of Numidia
15mm DBA Special Tournament

Hosted by: Mike Coppinger
Game Report

Two In The Side Pocket
15mm WWII Spearhead Scenario

Hosted by: Greg Symko
Game Report

Battle of Monmouth Courthouse
June 28, 1778
25mm American Revolution

Hosted by: Allan (A.J.) Wright
Game Report

Lee's hasty attack on the Brittish rearguard ends up a mess and Washington has to bring reserves in to a full engagement to save the destruction of the advanced guard. Volley & Bayonet Rules were used.

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