The Northern Conspiracy
The Aortistan Campaign
1870 - 1920

This Campaign has effectively ended.
Occasional games will be played when interest arises and a suitable background is needed.

I'm running a colonial campaign which is set in a fictitious, Africa-like continent during the period between 1870 - 1920...'ish. The campaign will have large battles, small battles, skirmishes and lots of skullduggery and diplomacy.

We got yer steamboats, yer observation balloons, crazy turbanned dudes, and even crazier Euro-dudes. Mountain Fortresses, Desert Oases, Lost jungle Cities and Temples, and all manner of Victorian Derring-Do.

Attempts will be made to keep "bug-hunting" to a minimum.

There are eleven (11) commands in the beginning. There could be more if the game is full and you beg convincingly enough. Money definitely talks. At the start there are four colonial powers (British, German, French, American), one existing empire (Kind of Turkish-like), five indigenous commands, and a pirate, with varying degrees of technology and wealth. ( Desert Nomads, Mountain Tribes, Jungle Tribes, Zulu's) You get the idea.

What's the object going to be? Well,.........The creation of an empire, The conquest of a continent, A night away from the wife and kids, Free pretzels, whatever !

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This campaign is being run by (Bob Rodgers)

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